Monday, January 3, 2011

Vintage Noritake Fine White China Bowl and Lotus Bowl GIVEAWAY

There is something about glassware that fascinates me and I love to collect everything from cheap glassware from Big Lots to expensive vintage pieces.  Some of my collection was handed down to me from my Nana that first belonged to her mom or nana . . . special stuff!  

My mom gave me some of her wedding presents that were never used . . . my prized possession is a tea pot and dessert set . . . fine china with a gold dragon motif.  When you look in the cups, you can see the face of an oriental woman with a pearly opalescent look to the finish.

I love going to flea markets and finding odd pieces to add to my collection.

It was with great excitement that I ran across this vintage giveaway on the blog Welcome To My Kitchen.

Welcome To My Kitchen

This is her description of the items that are being sponsored by Rachel at the Candy Apple Craft Etsy Shop

You'll love the sleek modern lines on this Noritake fine white china lidded bowl! I'm throwing in a bonus "lotus bowl," which has fishing equipment and maple leaf designs painted on the inside of the bowl.The lidded dish is part of the "Angela" pattern of Noritake china (made in Japan), which was discontinued in 1977. These were "detergent proof" dishes from the "Cook 'n Serve" line. This is the sugar bowl from this dishes line.
The "lotus bowl" is from an unknown Japanese maker (it is only marked "Japan" on the bottom). It is called a lotus bowl because of the three notches on the edge, and three fairly crude images inside: a fish net, a fish basket, and red maple leaves. There are several flaws in the porcelain, under the glaze. "Japan" is stamped in red on the bottom of the bowl.
Read more about these items and the giveaway: 

This giveaway ends on January 7, 2011


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