Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cowgirl Chocolates . . . finally I won them!!

Something about these chocolates had me obsessed to win them. I could have easily gone online to buy some. But there is something about the challenge of winning them.  

There have been many giveaways with the hostesses taunting us to enter with the raves about the delicious treats and all their unique chocolate flavors . . . the beautiful packaging that they hated to open because they were so pretty.  There is something about chocolate . . . but it seems like Cowgirl Chocolates has won the hearts of many of us in Bloggerville.

I was not going to be happy until I won the 1/3 pound sampler . . . and I did!  It has been a few days since I got the email from Jessica informing me that I won . . . and I have been checking for the sound of the mail truck like I haven't had chocolate in ages.

1/3 Pound Sampler

Thank you Jessica for hosting this giveaway!

Barefoot by the Sea

And thank you Cowgirl Chocolates for sponsoring all of these giveaways, giving many of us a chance to try out your chocolates!

I have a feeling I'll be buying chocolates online regularly :)

Click on the link to check out their website

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