Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Clothes dryer problems?

Appliances are one of those things that I hate to go out and buy.  Being the frugal person that I am, all home remedies are exhausted before even calling the repair man . . . they are very expensive too!

It has been a while since the clothes dryer has been acting up and not drying the clothes in one cycle. We would have been grateful for two drying cycles!  It would take forever to get laundry done!

After cleaning out the lint vent and replacing the thermostat (ugh, the part alone was expensive . . . The Captain changed it out, saving on labor costs), it still was not working properly, although a little better.

Stubbornly frugal and still not wanting to give in and buy an expensive dryer, I decided to do some digging around the internet to see if anyone else was having the same problem.

I finally found the answer that eventually solved the problem and I am so sorry that I can't think of where I found the information since I am so grateful to whoever that was!!

Sometimes it is simple, little things that make a difference in the way things work.  It was so simple, I almost felt silly for even trying the suggestion . . . and I dismissed it for a while.  After continuing to struggle with the laundry, I thought, why not try?

Fabric dryer sheets and fabric softener container waxy ingredients that clog up the lint screen, making it impossible for proper air ventilation.  I imagine it could also start a fire!

So . . . out came the lint screen for a good cleaning . . . and voila . . . the dryer is working perfectly!

Check your lint screen out and see if water doesn't penetrate it.  Water will just bead up on the screen if it needs to be cleaned.  All it takes is water, a little dishwashing liquid and a toothbrush.  Problem solved or prevented!

Most people would go out and buy a new one.

Anyway, it sure is nice to be able to get the laundry done quickly :)

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