Friday, May 2, 2014

DIY Home Maintenance and Repairs

These days we are all feeling the pinch of the poor economic times and are finding ways to stretch our precious dollars.  When it comes to home maintenance and repairs, it is one of the most expensive, often non-budgeted item and most of the time we are at the mercy of those repair people who are not so honest (especially when they are dealing with women).

As money becomes tighter, it becomes more important than ever to learn how to be self-sufficient and do as many of those DIY home maintenance and repair projects that we can!

How do you know where to learn how to tackle these projects yourself?

Home improvement centers as Home Depot, for example, have excellent workshops to empower you to get those little things done around the house.  The internet is a search away from finding "how to" instructions for many of those projects.

Pretty Handy Girl is one of those websites who claims to "empower you to complete your own DIY projects."  Why not?  It just takes a little education and knowing what tools you need to get the job done. Join Brittany Bailey and see what she has to offer before you pay that pricey repairman to do a simple repair that you can tackle yourself at a fraction of the price!  

Click here for her section on Home Repairs and empower yourself!

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