Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Some tips on saving money the unconventional way

One of the ways that has always helped me save money is to budget.  Keeping track of how much is being spent helps to control spending.  

We opened up a savings account with an automatic deposit every month.  Start with the least amount you can do without and increase the amount as you can. Those regular deposits add up!

Both The Captain and I participate in Bing Rewards.  We simply do all of our searches through the Bing Rewards dashboard and cash in our rewards with Amazon gift cards.  If  you are active on the internet like we are, the points add up fast.  

We also use charge cards that give reward points for purchases.  We pay as many of our bills using the charge cards to build up points fast.  Make sure to have the discipline to not carry over balances of paying those bills.  We cash in those points for restaurant gift cards and treat ourselves to going out to eat at a nice restaurant at least once a month.

Those gift cards are a great way to give yourself a treat without spending money for it!

Here is an article with lots of ideas to save money using unconventional methods.