Thursday, July 21, 2011

Top Mom Craft Blogs

If you a follower of one of my other blogs, LaBelladiva, you know that crafting and DIY projects are among my favorite things.  One of the main features of that blog is showcasing awesome projects I find through Bloggerville.

I was thrilled to find 50 Top Mom Craft Blogs featured on . . . going through this list will be lots of fun!


unikorna said...

How do you do it Gina? This is the 3rd blog I know you have, I can barely handle one. And they all are doing very well. Share some secrets please :).

Gina Alfani said...

My best secret is that I write many articles at one time and schedule them for publication. The goal is to write at least one per day. I only write about what I love which makes it fun.

What takes the most time is having Adgitize and Entrecard on most of my blogs . . . and I try to click as much as I can every day. They bring the most traffic. Advertising on Adgitize really helps!

I try to participate in as many blog hops as I have time to do.

Basically . . . it takes a lot of time and effort! I think I am up to 10 blogs . . . I've lost count :)

Thanks for visiting!!